Index of Ralph's Modules

This collection of modules is for public consumption, but without any warranty what so ever. Most of them typically worked in a way similar to their documentation at one time for me, but they may well have been improved beyond recognition since then. I'm also not terribly stringent about tracking versions here, so you should always inspect the source carefully, and ideally test it comprehensively, before using it anywhere near anything that has some value.

I'm always happy taking comments, suggestions and opinions about this code, and I then prefer this to happen as a newlisp forum discussion.

See also misc.html for various packs.



Module: debug.lsp

Facility for interactive debugging.

Debug    writeln    debug-context    undebug-context    debug-function    undebug-function    prog1    call    trace-in    trace-out    width    debug-file    debugged    caller   

Module: embed

Utility for embedding.

embed-save    embed-load    initial    path    exec-header   

Module: expand-string.lsp

Inclusion module providing string templating using expansion.

expand-string    expand-file    .expand-eval    .expand-cond    .expand-map    .expand-markdown    mapv    default-expand-rules   

Module: fork-pipe

Fork child into the stdio pipeline before or after main.

fork-before    fork-after   

Module: import-variable.lsp

Utility function to import variables.


Module: lsptar.lsp

Run newLISP from tar file.

Module: readline.lsp

import wrapping for


Module: record.lsp

A macro to define a FOOP context with named fields.


Module: regex-switch

macro for a switch with regex cases


Module: sh.lsp

Inclusion module for shell command io


Module: ssl.lsp

Defines an SSL context for comm's over SSL using stunnel.

SSL    ssl-read    ssl-write    ssl-read-fd    ssl-write-fd    ssl-close    url-host    url-host-port    url-path    std-hdr    ssl-get-url    ssl-get-url   

Module: Tokens.lsp

A generic tokenization utility.

Tokens    text    tokens    scheme    gaps    structure   

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