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  • Nick Howden interviewed about Artificial Intelligence
    7th July 2015

    Real Thing CEO, Nick Howden was recently interviewed by several magazines to discuss the issues and dilemmas around the use of artificial intelligence arising from...

  • RealSAM at RSB Tech Fest
    1st June 2015

    Once again, we took RealSAM to the RSB 'Tech Fest' in Adelaide at the end of May, an event which displays and demonstrates the latest adaptive technology and incl...

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RealSAM - Accessible Media Device

Meet RealSAM, Real Thing's media accessibility assistant: RealSAM uses natural spoken language to navigate and interact with media content, and is easy to use for people who are blind, have low vision or a print disability. RealSAM currently provides access to Australia's major newspapers in collaboration with Vision Australia Library.  RealSAM is now available from our help centre: 1300 557 350


The Next Generation of Interactive Toys

Kids love toys that are fun and comforting; parents love toys that are entertaining and educational. Real Thing is creating a range of products and technologies that will underpin a new generation of toys to meet all of these requirements. 
Tying together voice interaction, online environments, games, stories and learning, these products will lead to a set of relationships and experiences that children have never before experienced.


iOS and Mobile Apps

Real Thing is developing a range of mobile applications for both iOS and Android (ported using our jConvert tools). These cover a range of areas from pure fun and entertainment to functional applications, and they all have an interactive interface with a touch of personality!


jConvert - Java Cross Compiler

jConvert provides you with a migration path to non-Java platforms - it can assist with:



  • App migration from Android to iOS.
  • Secure delivery of Java software as an executable.
  • Utilization of Java on certified platforms.

jConvert features:

  • Converts Java class files directly.
  • No source access required - can convert third party libraries.
  • Low maintenance - your code continues to work, even when the JDK is updated.
  • High security: obfuscates your Java applications to prevent decompilation

Speech to Speech Translation

Real Thing is collaborating with a number of technology partners on the development of a portable bi-directional multi-lingual hand held translation device and the underlying software. This machine translation device has application areas across Healthcare, Policing and Prisons, Defence, and has huge commercial potential.