RealSAM deviceRealSAM is an Accessible Phone, Media Player & Assistant, designed from the ground up for visually impaired people.   It’s unique in the world.
It uses Real Thing’s unique Real Dialogue engine to offer life changing services to potentially millions of visually impaired users in Australia, the UK and the US.  It utilizes an android based phone for the user interface, and AWS cloud based servers for natural language responses and accessing a wide variety of content libraries and services.

It’s a Communication device to Reduce Isolation.

It’s an Entertainment device to improve Quality of Life

It’s an Assistant that Supports Independent Living.

Development continues with new content services and innovations are released every month.

To find out more, visit one of our product web sites:

In Australia it’s sold as RealSAM

In the UK it’s sold as RealSAM :In Your Pocket

In the USA, it will be released in a  variety of versions